Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hello All,

I have something different for you. While I continue to groove on the Yallopin' Hounds these days, my mp3 player is also full of an unlikely partner, some rockabilly, and some rockabilly that sounds similar on the outside but is actually grown from entirely different roots.

I'm really enjoying Kim Lenz these days. Her country based rockabilly is fun and well-played, with her voice being a completely unexpected instrument. The album is full of great melodies and quirky songs (I'm a zombie for your love is probably my favorite on the album). The music itself would also be very danceable for the swing dancers out there. Check her out.

I'm also diggin' Imelda May. Her sound is similar, but her music is based in British Soul and R&B, much more "The Commitments" than George Jones. I love the Brits, they had terrible taste in food the last time I was in England (1990), but have great taste in beer, have wicked senses of humor, and are delightfully dirty in their overall sensibilities. Also well worth a listen.

Other than that, cheers everyone! Dan